Friday, October 13, 2017

Podcar Network Modeling

Advanced internet-based collaboration tools can be used to design podcar networks ... and then these designs can be used to offer a clear vision of the project, to help the public understand the benefits and offer suggestions to improve the designs.

One such tool is Encitra. Similar to Google docs, numerous designers and stakeholders can participate online together in real time to design buildings, infrastructure, urban landscapes and more.

One opportunity to apply this tool and enter a competition is the Urban International Design Contest ("UIDC"). The UIDC facebook page is here: contest is closed for 2017 but another competition is being planned for 2018.

Here are some videos which demonstrate how this modeling tool works:

Light rail system in Uppsala, Sweden:
Podcar system in Uppsala, Sweden

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Observe Design Present ... Build

Here is a brief overview of the three day Solar Skyways workshop at Tec de Monterrey in Puebla.

Day 1Day 2Day 3
What's the problem?
Build a new model 
100% renewable energy
Follow your bliss
Lightning TalksLightning TalksConclude

Each day will begin with an introduction. In the first session (Observe), teams will be formed and the initial tasks will be accomplished. At the end of the first and second days, each team will give a brief "lightning talk" to the other teams. On the third day, all the teams will present to their advisors, potential sponsors and clients, and then they will conclude. In the vocabulary of international trade, the person with the authority to conclude is the person who makes the deal.     

 ... (and then build it!)

We now have the tools to create a better world. Let's work together to design and build a new model that works for all of humanity. 

Prepared and presented by Ron Swenson, President, INIST